Introducing our brand new e-book Fundamentals of Aquaponics to our Aquaponics School section. This guide book is a consolidated source of the fundamental pillars of aquaponics: science, water quality, fish, plants and environmental conditions. The material is put together specifically with the intention to give you the information you need for the “How-To’s” of your next aquaponics project including a Design Case Study for a small scale aquaponics system that takes you step-by-step through the process of designing your very own aquaponics farm. Visit our Guide Book Page to Get the Limtited Time Introductory Offer.

The Aquaponics Design Calculator Tools that allow you to automatically calculate all the parameters needed to design your aquaponics system. This unique tool will calculate critical design parameters such as the amount of water needed for the fish, the ideal size of the fish tanks, number of fish tanks needed, number of fish needed given a certain grow area, weight of fish based on feed ratios, feed per day to keep your system at peak and much more for both backyard/hobby scale and small commercial scale aquaponics system. Take the guess work out of your aquaponics design project. Visit the Design Calcualtors page to learn more

Urbanpace has been featured in the Lifestyle section of the Ming Pao Newspaper. Ming Pao is a Chinese-language newspaper published by Ming Pao Group in Hong Kong and is locally available in Vancouver. The articles speaks about the benefits of aquaponics and the role of Urbanspace in promoting it on both the agricultural and backyard spaces. For the complete article please visit the online Ming Pao newspaper


UBC’s Futuristic farms making waves in B.C.

Urbanspace Aquaponics and its founder, Ahmed Aibak, have been featured in UBC’s Thunderbird. The article describes the state of aquaponics in the province and the role Urbanspace is playing to promote this sustainable form of agriculture. For the complete article please click here.