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At urban space aquaponics we believe in innovation and constant improvement of performance of all aspects of a successful aquaponics system. From system optimization to operational optimization we are leading the way in making aquaponics a turnkey operation with maximum profitability. We provide a full spectrum consultation to commercial farmers, aquaponics enthusiast, backyard gardeners and anyone in between.


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Business Analysis and Feasibility

The first step to a successful commercial aquaponics project is the business analysis and feasibility. At this stage it is critical to explore the region specific variables, such as climate, market availability, energy costs etc that will impact the future success of the aquaponics operation. More specifically we assist with the following services:

  • Business planning
  • Site evaluation
  • Materials availability and evaluation
  • Preliminary market analysis
  • Start-up costs, cash flow and income statement


Planning and Design

This is most crucial phase where our engineers put all our accumulated resources and years of experience to work for your project. We do not believe in the cookie cutter approach to design, every system is custom designed to meet the projections set in the analysis and feasibility stage. During the planning and design stage we identify the region and climate specifics challenges while designing systems that offer long term stability. The following services are offered at this stage:

  • System configuration
  • Fish and plant biomass requirement
  • Crop rotation cycles
  • Hydraulics engineering
  • 3D model generation


Construction management

We assist our clients during the construction phase with various activities such as:

  • Materials procurement
  • Energy management
  • Climate control strategies
  • Lighting


System Inoculation and Cycling

The most critical step in an aquaponics operation is the inception of the artificial ecosystem.  Our team has the experience and knowledge to correctly initiate the system start up using beneficial bacteria either naturally or through inoculation. Whichever method is chosen this step is critical in ensuring the health and robustness of a young system. During this phase our team will manage:

  • Bacterial culture inoculation
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Monitoring and measuring
  • Water quality management


Training and development

A well designed system is only as good as good the operational planning and the skill of its operators. We encourage every client to participate in the operation of their aquaponics facility to understand the various steps involved in the management of a successful aquaponics operation. At this stage we provide training and development for all personnel in the following areas:

  • Seeding, transplanting and harvesting planning
  • Plant and fish nutrition
  • Nutrition deficiencies
  • Disease and pest control
  • Planning for worst case scenarios
  • Oversight and troubleshooting


Operational support

As part of our commitment to our clients we offer ongoing operational support long after the project initiation phase. We want to see all our clients excel at their operation and therefore we provide an open door approach to giving support on all aspects of the operation.


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