About Us

Our mission is to promote aquaponics as an achievable method of food production for both farmers and sustenance growers.

Our Story

Urbanspace aquaponics was born from the idea that food should be grown locally, within our city limits using the most sustainable yet technologically innovative ways. Everything we do at Urbanspace is driven by this simple idea. Our vision is to be a part of the movement that seeks to bring food back to our communities where wholesome, fresh food is locally available. We achieve this by promoting aquaponics as a means to sustainably grow food on large commercial scale as well as brining aquaponics to the passionate home growers in convenient and compact forms. We built one of the largest aquaponics farm in BC with over 2,000 sqft of growing space producing over 3000 vegetables a week.

We are a team of dedicated aquaponics farmers, engineers and designers providing design, educational and financial tools for aquaponics entrepreneurs and hobbyist alike. We serve our customers all over North America and beyond. Please get in touch with us for your aquaponics questions.

We believe aquaponics and similar technologies will drive the evolution of food production in the 21st century. With food scarcity becoming a pressing global issue and land becoming a dwindling resource aquaponics offers a solution that could change the way we think about food production.

How We were Founded

Ahmed, the founder comes from a very non-traditional background of engineering and consulting. As an environmental consultant Ahmed spent all his time tackling critical environmental issues facing governments and the private sector. After a tough year and a lay off Ahmed decided it was time to reinvent himself when he discovered aquaponics.Inspired by the potential of aquaponics to become the future of sustainable agriculture Ahmed decided to forgo his engineering career and became a full-time farmer. Now Ahmed focuses his attention on designing and building aquaponics farms around the globe. See Farm Projects for a list of of our recent projects.