Good (Accurate) Sources Of Information On Aquaponics Online

People ask me this question all the time, “what is a good source for aquaponics information?” and the answer is always the same.

There is plenty of resources on the internet for aquaponics, some credible, some not so much. Although, most aquaponics enthusiasts have good intention to spread the knowledge their information may not be as accurate as you would think.

For anyone browsing the internet for credible information they should be looking, in my opinion, for three things:

  1. The experience of the author with aquaponics. Do they have a backyard or commercial size system? Do they have experience with aquaponics at all? If they do, how long have they been around?
  2. The background of the author themselves. Have they had any education related to aquaponics, such as in agriculture, biology or engineering?
  3. The source of the source. Do they source their information from other credible sources? (Unless they’ve done their own research). If they do, where do they get their information?

To make things easier for people searching for information on aquaponics I have compile a list of sources I believe are the top in the business. I have also mentioned if they are most appropriate for hobby, commercial or both.

Although most of the information is relevant to any scale I think making the distinction is important and it makes it easier for people to get to the right information that they need. So here goes,

University of Virgin Island (UVI)

Dr. James Rackocy and his team have been conducting research on the integration of aquaculture and hydroponic crop cultivation for 30 years. They are the pioneers of aquaponics and have more experience in aquaponics than anyone.

Most aquaponics systems are based on the UVI design and use a similar approach to plant and fish husbandry. They have plenty of resources available online, from presentations to publications.

Their website offers a wealth of knowledge on the topic including a three-day workshop that will provide in-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of aquaponics developed at the University of the Virgin Islands.

Scale: Mostly commercial.

Bright Agrotech

Nate Storey is the guy behind this company that is growing fast through their vertical farming technology known as ZipGrow towers. Nate Storey has completed a PhD in agronomy from the University of Wyoming and is one of the best resources for the science behind aquaponics.

Their website has tons on information on hydroponics, aquaponics and vertical farming. He also has a dedicated YouTube channel for aquaponics

Scale: Aimed at mostly commercial but great resources for any size.

Friendly Aquaponics

Susanne Friend and Tim Mann are the founders of this company. They started their farm in 2007 and overtime have developed a wealth of knowledge in aquaponics.

They also sell several DIY manuals for people looking to build their small, medium or commercial scale aquaponics farm. They also have a free e-book “Aquaponics THE EASY WAY” for download that has some great basic aquaponics information

Scale: Catered to all sizes.

The Aquaponics Source

Sylvia Bernstein of The Aquaponics Source has created a thriving online community and forum for aquaponics gardeners called The Aquaponics Gardening Community. Here you will valuable information divided in several topics ranging from DIY to fish husbandry.

You can become a member and join the discussion with one of the largest online aquaponics community. A plethora of information with forums, blogs, photos, videos and more for both new and experienced aquaponic gardeners.

Scale: Hobby and backyard aquaponics gardeners.

Nelson & Pade

Rebecca Nelson and John Pade founded the company in the mid 1980’s and have been operating an aquaponics facility since 1992. Their history and experience make them the “most trusted name in aquaponics” with a website that’s called you know they are one of the pioneers in the industry.

They offer complete turnkey solution for prospective aquaponics growers from project planning, comprehensive training, proven system designs, engineered greenhouses and long-term grower support.

They also offer classes and seminars that can be taken at their facility and plenty of free resources on their website.

Scale: Mostly commercial, some home and school systems.

Just Aquaponics

A local Vancouver based company is Just Aquaponics. David Sayson, an engineer and designer, runs the popular Canadian Aquaponics-Canada’s source for Aquaponics Information and News. There are a lot of interesting articles related to aquaponics, hydroponics and organic food production in general.

Scale: Catered to all sizes


Learn Aquaponics From the Comfort of Your Home

Getting great information on the internet is challenging unless you know exactly where to look. Hopefully the sources I presented here help you find the information you are seeking. But if you are serious about learning aquaponics, more than just the basics and are looking to have all that information jam packed into one source then our online workshop is for you. Check out the course pages below.

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